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Working With Keynote By Josh Blagden

Keynote is a great program for creating slideshows. In essence, it does the same type of thing as Microsoft Powerpoint. It's just a lot easier to use and it has much better transitions and effects. The downside is that Powerpoint can’t use most of those effects because it doesn’t have them. Also, Keynote doesn’t use the same format as Powerpoint, which can cause some difficulties. So, if you make a slideshow with a lot of great effects and then export the slideshow for Powerpoint, those effects won’t work when you play the slideshow in Powerpoint. This incompatibility is mostly due to a difference in file format. Keynote creates slideshows in its own format while Powerpoint uses Powerpoint format files. This format difference can be a pain, but it’s worth it because Keynote is a much better program. However, if file compatibility is a necessity, you can purchase Powerpoint. Microsoft started making Office for Mac back in the 90’s, which pretty much saved the Mac.

So, if you make a Keynote slideshow that you want to use on a PC, you’ll have to convert it to a Quicktime file. Despite that annoyance,this also has the advantage of being un-editable in Quicktime format, which makes it impossible for someone else to substitute their name for yours and take credit for your slideshow.

Here’s a slideshow which uses a lot of the cool effects in Keynote (just hit the play button and it will go through the presentation automatically):

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