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The Search for an Affordable Thunderbolt Graphics Card Enclosure

This page is the full list of updates on the search for an affordable Thunderbolt graphics card enclosures.


Update 2/18/14: It turns out that Asus is working on the T004 with Silverstone and it will be called the XG Station 2. There is still no information, however, regarding the release date. Of course, quarter 1 of this year won’t be over until March. So, it still may be possible for Silverstone and Asus to release the XG Station 2 before the end of the quarter.

Update 4/8/14: Silverstone and Asus still have yet to release any new information about the T004. Since this is taking a while and might not even happen, I have done some research into alternatives. The alternative I found is called Vidock. On the 27th, Village Instruments will release the 4th generation of its Vidock, which will have Thunderbolt. It is expected to sell for $99, which is $150 less than the T004 and it will be a lot smaller.

Update 4/12/14: It turns out that Village Instruments still doesn’t have a license from Intel for the 4th generation Vidock. That’s the same thing which prevents the release of Silverstone and Asus’ SG Station 2. It seems like Intel is trying to avoid licensing affordable enclosures, and they may be trying to allow Sonnet and Magma to have a near-monopoly on this market.

Update 4/18/14: Village Instruments put up their new website yesterday: They’re showing a summer release of the 4th generation Vidock. That’s not as soon as I was hoping, but at least it’s a bit of a release date. 

Update 4/28/14: Village Instruments/Villagetronic’s fourth generation will not use Thunderbolt natively. It will use their new open-source standard, V2. From there, it will connect to a bridge, which will connect to a computer with Thunderbolt.

Update  7/28/14: I started a petition at in June in an attempt to get Intel to allow the sale of affordable Thunderbolt external graphics card enclosures. So far, it has 91 signatures. Now it just needs 9 more signatures. As soon as the last signature is added, the petition will be sent to Intel. Here’s a link to it:

Update 8/1/14: My petition finally has 100 signatures! I also sent it to Intel with a fairly lengthy letter. We’re one step closer to affordable Thunderbolt graphics card enclosures.

Update 1/2/16: I bought the Akitio Thunder2 because it’s a good low-cost solution and it can provide up to 75 watts through the PCIe slot if you get a 120 watt power supply. Sure, the Akitio Thunder2 costs $220, but it’s the least expensive Thunderbolt-PCIe adapter you’ll find. I’ve done a lot of research over that last few years, and the Akitio Thunder2 is the least expensive Thunderbolt-PCIe adapter I’ve found. Akitio says it’s not for graphics cards, but that’s probably just because Intel requires them to say that to discourage people from using it for eGPUs, in an effort to keep people from using eGPUs instead of buying desktops.

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