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Linux or Mac By Josh Blagden

Given Apple’s current hardware direction, I’m starting to wonder what my next laptop will be. The current MacBooks are just too locked-down for my taste. I want a laptop where you can upgrade the storage, RAM and wireless card. I take issue with Apple’s proprietary (and expensive) NVMe interface and soldered RAM. These issues are the real reasons for Apple’s low Mac sales. They’re also why I don’t think my next computer will be a Mac. My next computer might run OS X, but it probably won’t be a legitimate Mac. 

Five years ago, Apple knew how to get the right blend of form and function. Back then, Macs were upgradeable  and had a better variety of ports that today’s Macs - they had MagSafe, FireWire, Ethernet, USB Type-A and SD card slots. But now, MacBook Pros are non-upgradable, non-repairable, and only have four USB Type-C ports, making the MacBook Pro no longer usable for many Mac users. It’s funny, when Apple took away the optical drives, USB ports and Ethernet ports, I didn’t think it could get any worse. Well, they proved me wrong this year. Sure, we could all buy these new Macs, but if we do that, Apple won’t change the way it makes Macs; the only way they’ll change is if enough people stop buying Macs. Why should we suffer for wanting to use OS X?

Of course, none of us want to have to go back to Windows. But  what do we do now? Do we buy Linux laptops like those from Dell and System76 and use Ubuntu? Or do we make Hackintoshes out of those laptops?

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