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 Watch vs Pebble: Practicality            By Josh Blagden

The Apple Watch is pretty neat. In terms of functionality, the Apple Watch can do a lot. You can make phone calls with it, you can use it without an iPhone if you’re on Wi-Fi, it can even play music on its own. But I just think it’s very impractical, particularly due to the price.

I want to like the Apple Watch, I really do. But it’s just too expensive, and it’s not very practical. For starters, it’s not waterproof. If I’m going to spend $400 on a wristwatch, it had better be waterproof. The second issue is that has to be recharged every day, which is rather odd for a watch, especially one which costs $400. The last issue is that you can’t use a standard watchband. The fact  that it doesn’t use a standard watchband could easily be overlooked if a replacement was considerably less than $50,  and the watch could last a week on a charge as well as being waterproof. These three issues combine with the high cost to make the Apple Watch rather impractical. Now, I realize that Apple stuff in general tends to be expensive, but it’s usually something which actually could be a necessity, like a computer or a cell phone. A wrist watch isn’t even something most folks wear anymore, let alone spend $400 on.

And yet, for 25-50 percent of the price of an Apple Watch, you can get a Pebble. Regardless of which Pebble you’re talking about, it’s waterproof up to 150 feet, can last a week on a charge and it can use standard wristbands. So, for $100, you can get a watch which is more practical than the Apple Watch. It’s a fraction of the cost of the Apple watch, and yet it’s more practical. Admittedly, the $100 classic Pebble only has a black and White screen, but you can get a Pebble Time, which has a color screen, for $200, which is half of the price of an Apple Watch. Though, since it uses an E-Paper display, the colors aren’t very good. Admittedly, the  Watch beats it in that department, though that doesn't matter much when the sun is glaring on your watch. The nice thing about an E-Paper display is that it’s actually better when the sun is shining on it instead of the screen being obscured. The E-Paper display is the reason why it can last a week on a charge with the screen on continuously(sans backlight). The Apple Watch on the other hand, only lasts a week and it only turns the screen on when it detects that you’re checking the time. So, for a hundred dollars, you can get a more practical watch and save $300 in the process.

I’m not saying the  watch is uncool or absolutely impractical. I’m just saying that if you do a cost-benefit analysis, the Pebble is more cost-effective, waterproof and it has a longer battery life, which makes it more practical than the  Watch.

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